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About ReQu


ReQu was founded by a group of investors led by Leonard Quimby. Mr. Quimby is Chairman of Sonherd Holding Corp. and has thirty years of experience in the insurance industry. Throughout his career he has been highly successful using multiple channels for distribution. He has come to realize that the future of insurance is in the hands of the consumer, not the insurance companies. Today's consumer wants insurance to be quick, transparent, honest and affordable. He has recognized that insurance companies need to meet this change since the consumer already has.

His experience within the industry allows him a unique perspective that other so called "disrupters" simply do not have. "What a lot of people do not understand is that this is not like any other event in time. Unlike Blockbuster, Amazon, Mattress Firm, Uber or any other disruption in traditional distribution, insurance carriers are not over leveraged and can mount opposition to change better than any other industry. Understanding the pressures a carrier is under from their existing model of agents and IMO's is the first place to start. Proudly saying that you will bypass the agent of today is a dangerous proposition. If you do not have an avenue to bring the carriers and their present distribution model along with the change, I believe your existence will be short lived."

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