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Life Insurance So Easy We'll Give You Your First $5,000 For Free

Get covered instantly at your convenience. No strangers and no needles. Insurance that gives you peace-of-mind!

Why ReQu

Protecting Futures


Many studies have shown that there are over 37 million people in America who want insurance but do not have it. The number one reason is that the process is long, confusing and expensive. ReQu removes those barriers. ReQu's mission is simple. We want to make life insurance easy.

Quick and Easy


Life Insurance should be affordable, transparent, easy to understand and most important, easy to obtain. ReQu brings all that to you in an easy to understand format. Best of all, you get an instant answer on your coverage. From the time you log on, to obtaining coverage, using ReQu could take as little as 6 minutes. No blood tests, pushy agents or long waits. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get covered-Get ReQu.

Building Lasting Relationships


" Today's consumer wants a buying experience that is done from their own computer or devices, on their time, on their terms and with no pushy sales agents...Period. The last thing they want is

 "the Ned Ryerson experience." 

Leonard Quimby-Founder of ReQu

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